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Looking Back (and Forth) to Odd and Often Exciting Occcurences

July 6, 2011

The past few, and the next few, years have been and are rife with general geekiness, some awesome, and some not so awesome. Here’s a list of a few of the awesome, and the awful, that we’ve been able took look forward, and that are still yet to come!

  1. AWESOME – Four words: Harry Potter theme park. Thanks to this addition, Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure has seen a jump of over 30% in visitors in the past year! And personally, I am considering bribing anyone I know to bring back copious amounts of pumpkin Juice, should they visit the park without me.
  2. AWESOME – The last books in the Inheritance Cycle. Anyone else remember when this was just a trilogy? And I hope Paolini keeps writing! We need more authors like him!
  3. HORRENDOUS – The Twilight series’ increasing popularity, not just because I personally don’t like the series, but because the films were ungodly horrendous. You’ll remember my commenting on “The Great Stammering Scene” from what I believe was the second film.
  4. EVEN MORE AWFUL – Number 3 will continue to be true until the fourth film has run its course. I just hope S. Meyer keeps writing, but that she leaves sparkling vampires out of it.
  5. AWESOME/KINDA SAD FOR FANS – The ending of the Harry Potter series, both on the page and on the screen. I, personally, liked how the last book ended. I’m glad Rowling wasn’t afraid to kill a few characters here and ther. I am going to be sobbing copiously in the theater, and I love a series that can have that effect on me. And yes, I am going to wear my scarf to the theater again.
  6. EPIC- The re-release of “The Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition” in theaters. I saw all three films, in the theater. I must say, it is alternately funnier and more saddening to watch the film when you’re one of 50 or so people sharing the same gut reaction to parts of the film. I never realized how funny Gollum was.
  7. “I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW” – The Hobbit. As a film. In 2012. I am going. And by God, I am dressing up.
  8. PIRATEY- The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is still going strong, and the most recent installment was no disappointment.
  9. GOD-AWFUL – Sorry, Chris, but, despite your God-given talent for writing,  “Eragon: The Film” was the single WORST page-to-screen adaptation every made. So bad, in fact, that “Eldest” was dropped halfway through production. Whomever it was told Paolini to sell the film rights… may all your bacon BURN.
  10. SIGH OF RELIEF- The newest Star Trek film, featuring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and the great Leonard Nimoy himself, was pretty darned good. If you haven’t seen it, take of the rubber Vulcan ears, put down the tricorder, and watch it. I grew up with ever Enterprise captain from Shatner to Janeway and back, and I survived.
  11. WIN FOR THE TEAM – A seemingly expanding market for fiction, despite various politicians’ biographies mucking up the shelves at Barnes&Nobles.
  12. BORDERLINE MIRACULOUS – The fact that, despite our concerns, it seems that young authors are still out there, plugging away.

See something that’s not on the list? Leave a comment!


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