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That Inevitable Post…

December 6, 2009

You knew it would happen, ladies and gents. Eventually, with all of the yammering on and on about the series, you knew that I would eventually cave and see the second film. So I took a Friday night with my two best friends and went to see “New Moon”. I’ll give you a moment to get over your surprise.

Let me begin by saying that this sequel to “Twilight” was quite a bit better than the first film. The script was in closer keeping with the book, for one thing. (And there was no Great Stammering Scene, hallelujah.) There was a lot less Edward-Bella-deep-eye-staring-drooling-and-so-forth as well, which was lovely. Again, tip of the hat to the cast. Throw a fit over it if you will, but 99% of the casting was spot on, take that in what sense thou wilt. I have to say, also, that I am delighted with the director swap, because, hey! The first film was a bit dry by comparison. So, thank you, Chris Weitz, for not making the film suck (pun most definitely intended). I will now have to go and re-read the book, because there were things that were kept in the film that I’d forgotten were in the book. When a page-to-screen film makes you want to go back and re-read the story, you KNOW it’s a great adaptation!

Granted, yeah, there were a few times where it got mushy and we all had to restrain ourselves from getting sick in our purses, but then, they have those scenes in EVERY romantic flick. (Reason #684 why I’m not a fan of romance.) They were tolerable. I was delighted to see that the werewolf aspect of the series finally came into play; I was looking forward to that. Hats OFF to the visual effects team for making the wolves so believable!

Granted, there were a few things that bugged me. You’d think that, if Bella and Edward were just so dang in love, and the actors playing them were so dang in love, that would be able to better show that on the screen. They did a better job with this in “New Moon” than they did in “Twilight”, but still, it could still step it up just a little. Not to an unnecessary degree, but the infrequent smiling is a bit too much of an understatement of their feelings. There was a bit more kissing in this film, but the transfer from blank-faced conversation to sudden snogging was a bit of a lurch in the film. The emotion should be a bit more consistent. The effect of Victoria’s murders were a bit too understated as well; Charlie looked hardly panicked when Bella went missing. There should have been a bit more concern there. Other than that, the film was great!

I will say that the fact that we were in a theater full of people with a sense of decorum was nice. There was no shrieking when Bella fell off of her motorcycle and Jacob “lost” his shirt over it (though I did hear a faint “woo!” from the back of the room.). Nor was there a lot of gagging over Ed and Bella’s PDA scenes. Truly, the atmosphere in a theater affects one’s enjoyment of the film. Everyone seemed to handle all the shirtlessness (thank you, La Push!) and so on quite nicely.

Now, obviously, this is a film that has been massively hyped up. Between the posters, pictures, cardboard cutouts (didn’t know you could buy them things), Sweetheart candies, action figures (I kid you not), and Burger King fanpacks, I think we’re all getting more than a wee bit sick of the “Twilight” craze. I mean, they may as well start a cult following at this point. But for those of us who enjoy the series and its movies for what they are- an entertaining read and a fun film series- we should just enjoy them, despite the madness. So, if you like the book, it’s safe to see the film! I give it an A overall. Don’t miss it!

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