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The Lord of the Rings: Page vs. Screen

February 5, 2008
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This is actually an entry that I posted on a previous site, and I think it’ll clear the air for those of you that think that ALL movies based on books are horrible. Some of this is good and some of this is bad.

In every film that is based on a book, there will be things added and things taken out. Here’s a prime example. I’m sure a lot of you have seen the “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy. And I’m sure some of you have read the books. That’s alot to read. It took me months to read them all. I had seen the films prior and I noticed a lot of strange things. Here are a few, and I’ve rated the changes “Bad” or “Good” based on my opinion. Feel free to comment.

The sword Narsil was reforged within the first half of “The Fellowship” book.This was not done until the third movie, and it tied a lot of the film together.

Change: Good

At the end of the “Return of the King” book, there is a section in which Frodo and company return to Hobbiton and find that Saruman has escaped Isengard and he and his followers have taken over. He is of course defeated. This is left out of the film, and no one knows what happens to Saruman.

Change: Bad

Did you know that Eowyn and Faramir are wed at the end of the “Return of the King”? Neither did I until I read the book! This should have been in the film.

Change: Bad

In the “Fellowship of the Ring”, Frodo and Sam meet a group of elves after thier first encounter with the Nazgul before they reach the village of Bree. If this had been added, it might have made the film choppy, as it has little significance.

Change: Good

As you know, Galadriel gives Frodo a phial containing the light of Elendil, their most beloved star. But did you know she also gives the others gifts, which are significant in the story? For example, Sam is given a box of magic sand. When they encounter Saruman at the end of the “Return of the King”, he has destroyed many of the beloved trees. Sam brings them back to life. He also plants the magic seed she gives him to replace the Party Tree, which was destroyed. This should also have been included.

Change: Bad

Hope you enjoyed this installment. Please send me your comments!

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  1. February 5, 2008 11:58 am

    Interesting information. I have not yet read the books, but Levi and I recently watched all 3 extended versions of the movies again. I will read the books to him when he gets older, and I’m looking forward to it!

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