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February 2, 2008
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Welcome to “The Pen and the Sword”, my official fantasy site!

Some of you may know me from visiting my previous RED blog, “The Fantasy Reader”. I am still here to thrill with my essential words of wisdom!

Crossofnails is my username here on WordPress. For those of you that have never heard of my blog- or of me -fear not, I shall bring you up to date on the various goings-on.

Let me get right to it, then. First off, I have posted a few sets of tips on my previous blog, and I may re-post them here for those of you that have never seen any of my previous sites. Secondly, though I will not be posting excerpts from my books as I did on my previous site, I will let you know how they are progressing.

I will also inform when I manage to set up my art business. I am still thinking of names and taglines (if anyone has ideas, HELP!). Much of my artwork is fantasy artwork, as it is fun for me to put the things I imagine in my head down onto paper.

I am new to WordPress. I have a wee bit of experience with blogs, and I am pretty good at articulating when I need to, but there is nothing I like better than the fact that this blog has a spell-check and a word count! (I am a geek.) I find it’s easier to keep up a good blog when this is the case.

Well, I’m off!


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  1. February 2, 2008 2:21 pm

    Sarah – this is great. I love the title and the picture in the header. Levi and I are reading a lot of fantasy, and I have been starting to write some simple fantasy stories for him. Look forward to hearing about your journey. I am not posting at my old blog anymore, but here’s the link to my new one:

    I’d love to read some excerpts of some of your stories sometime!


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